Airbnb Security Deposit

What Is an Airbnb Security Deposit

An Airbnb security deposit is a set amount of money that the platform collects from guests. This covers any property damage that occurred during their stay. The security deposit is refundable if the property was not damaged in any way.

Mt. Parnassus Inn Vacation Console Rental Service

Mt. Parnassus Inn Video Game Console Rentals

The Mt. Parnassus Inn participates in the GamerZone Video Game Console Rental Program, which allows you to rent their systems! Our goal is to help you improve your game by assisting you in creating a comfortable and relaxing gaming environment while away from home.Each console package comes with either an Xbox® or a PlayStation® system, as well as some of the most popular...

Sunsets in the Caribbean

The Advantages of Mt Parnassus Inn vs a Hotel

Mt Parnassus Inn vs. a Hotel The Benefits Grenada's short-term tourist lodgings are becoming much more than just a place to sleep and shower. The Mt. Parnassus Inn and River Inn are swiftly establishing themselves as the next big thing in local island tourism. The hotels and resorts in Grand Anse are more expensive. What used to be a cost-cutting measure for long vacations on the island...

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