Grenada and Caribbean Slangs

Grenadian and Caribbean Slang Dictionary. Grenadian words and meanings.

Grenada & Caribbean Slangs

If you haven’t been exposed to Caribbean culture previously, you can have a hard time comprehending the dialect used on the various islands, whether you hear it in passing or during a full-fledged conversation.

While learning patois and Caribbean creole can be difficult at first, if you get the hang of it, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an expert in no time.

Check out popular Grenadian word definitions below to get familiar with some slang and kick start your vocabulary journey for your Mt. Parnassus Inn vacation in Grenada. Now get to work, work, work, work, work, work learning some of these new terms!


Ageable -She is an ageable woman
Asham -Sugar & ground Parched Corn. A must for All Saints night.
Ah – Substitute for “I”
Allyuh – All of you people. A group
Ax – Ask. To ask a question
Aye-yah-yie – An expression of anticipation or pain, etc.
Ah chut ! – Annoyance, Vexation. “Ah chut, man!”
Ah eh able – Literally “I’m not able.” Give me patience
Ah man – I, a person. Eg “Ah man cyar do nutten now?”
Ah mean to say – Annoyance, equivalent to “After all”.
Adios — Bye
Auntie Man — Homosexual, man that act womanly


Back Back – To reverse a vehicle; to change one’s mind or opinion
Back peddle – To back down in an argument, to change one’s tune in the face of stiff opposition.
Bache -A common reference to a scamp, a provocateur or someone with conspicuous intentions.
Bacchanal – Scandal, heavy quarreling, big party, confusion
Back chat – Insolent response, especially from a child to an adult
Bad drive – To drive with complete disregard for others.
Bad eye (cut-eye) – A look of anger, especially when looking from the corner of the eye
Bad mind – (Pronounced mine) A person who holds grudges and repays them. Cold personality.
Bad talk – To ill speak or bad mouth, to gossip, spread rumours about someone.
Bamboozle – To confuse someone with smart talk, to con someone
Bam Bam – A person’s bottom
Battyman – A homosexual
Ban yuh belly – Prepare yourself for hard times ahead, a time for belt-tightening
Ba-Jon – A bully or a really tough customer
Bol’face – A pushy person, unreasonably demanding
Bobol – Dishonesty. Bribery
Boobooman -Ghost
Broughtupsy – Showing that a person was properly brought up, decorum
Brakesing – Shying away from responsibility
Buh wait nah – But wait a minute, now hold on/it


Callaloo – A thick soup made from dasheen leaves, ochroes, coconut milk, seasoned to taste, invariably includes crab
Calypso – A musical and lyrical comment on any subject, usually composed for, but not limited to, the Carnival season
Calypsonian – One who sings calypsoes
Cheups (Steups) – A noise made by sucking your teeth
Chinkee – Very tiny portions of anything
Chipping – The sliding step done during Carnival while following a band
Chuck – Push
Comess – Complete foul-up, Confusion
Cutters – Something to eat with drinks.
Chupid – Stupid
Chupidee – A foolish person
Coki-eye – Cross-eyed
Commesse – Confusion associated with arguments, gossip and slander
Cuff – Hitting someone or something with a clenched fist
Cyah – Can’t
Cacapool Rum – a derogatory term used on certain brands of rum. Any rum considered inferior
Call Dat George – Call it finished. Kaput. The end of the matter.
Calpet – Tap or slap behind the head.
Catching Hell – Undergoing all the perils and woes of a certain situation.
Cat In Bag – To purchase without examining the item or its contents. To become committed martially, without really knowing the person.
Catspraddle – Very undignified fall.


Da is you? – Is that you?
Dan-dan – Any sharp looking outfit
Dat good for yuh – Serves you right
Dat – That
Doh – Don’t
Dotish – Silly, stupid, foolish and dumb
Drogue -To carry bananas on your head from the field to the road
Dougla – Mixture of East Indian and African parentage
Drevait (dree-vay) – Wayward person who likes to “knock about”
Dada head – Matted and unkempt hair.
Dead Out – Tired. Anything past its prime.
Deadin’ – Dying.
Deck Off – To wear one’s best clothes.
Deputy – Mistress. Outside woman or man.


Eh – What did you say?
Eh-eh – No, no way, oh no
Eh-heh – Oh really? I understand. Yes
En’less – Plenty, endless
Ent? – Is that not so? That’s true, isn’t it Early O’clock – Very early.
Ease Up – To let off the hook.
Eat Me Out – To have visitors ‘descend’ on your home and eat and drink everything in sight.
Eat Parrot Bottom – A very talkative person is said to have done this.
Eddoes – A ground provision. Edible root.
Eh Right Dey – Not of sound mind.
Eh Makin’ Joke – Very serious. Not making joke.
End Up – The finish. How did things turn out?
Every Man Jack – Everybody without exception.
Explashiate – To go on and on. To be most vocal in one’s comments.


Fall out – To stop speaking with someone or to terminate a friendship
Faddah – Father
Fed up – The state of being bored
Fete – A party, loud music, lots to eat and drink
– dancing to wee hours of the morning Flim Film
Founkie (foong-key) – Foul-smelling, stink odour
Fuh true/troot? – Yes that is true. Is that really so?
Fall in the garden – When a general statement made applies to you personally.
Fares – To make a fares. To visit a prostitute.
Fatigue – To give someone fatigue. To heckle or tease. To make jokes about someone to their face.
Fat Talk – Back chat. Boasting. Meaningless promises.
Feel Ah How – To be embarrassed. To feel uncomfortable or ill at ease.
Fete Match – A friendly game usually played on a playing field e.g. cricket, football, hockey, where the accent is on having a good time rather than on winning.
Fightin’ like dog an’ cat – Two people who continuously argue and fight with each other.
Fight Up – To cope with problems, situations, finances etc. To work hard at anything.
Fire de wuk – To leave the job or employment, usually dissatisfied.
Fire one – To have an alcoholic drink.
Freeness – Something for which you pay Nothing


Goin’orf – Someone who appears to be going out of his mind, acting strangely
Gap – A driveway or small dead-end road
Grand Poopa- Grandfather
Grand Mooma- Grandmother
Gun talk – Fighting words, to threaten verbally
Gyul – Girl
Galavant – Gallivant. To roam aimlessly. To knock about.
Gallery – To show off. To publicly flaunt one’s ability or position in life. To strut.
Gayiappe – Pronounced Guy-yup. Patois. An undertaking by friends to work together for the benefit of one. The way homes were built in the old days.
Gazette Paper – Newsprint, old newspapers. Derived from an early daily newspaper called The Port of Spain Gazette.
Gees An’ Ages – Expression employed to avoid being sacrilegious
Get Away – To get away with someone. A verbal exchange. To be at odds with. To “fall out” with someone.
Get Orn – To quarrel. Vulgar behaviour


Harden – Disobedient
Hambug – Annoy
Horn – When the love of your life becomes involved with someone else, causing a Tabanca.
Hototo (hotoetoe) – A very large amount of anything
Haul Yuh Skin – Used in place of an obscenity, when telling off someone.
Have It Out – A head on verbal clash. A raucous confrontation.
Hear Dis Talk – Listen to this.
Hef – Heft. To guess the weight by lifting.
Heh – Here you are.
Hol’in A Few – Having in quite a few drinks. Under the influence of alcohol, or as said Under the affluence of incohol.
Hol’ Strain – Hold strain. To hold on for a while longer. Control yourself, restrain yourself.
Hop and Drop – To walk with a limp, favouring one of the legs.
Horrors – Problems a plenty. Everything going wrong, nothing seems to fit.


I eh payin’ tax fuh mih mout’ – I could say anything I want
In ting – To be involved in current activity
Is so? – Is that so
Icenin’ – Icing – the sugar-based coating on cakes and pastries.
I come out to play – I aim to have a good time.
If yuh know what good fuh yuh – If you know what’s good for you. Part of an admonition.
I’ll dance at your weddin’ and bongo at your wake – Thanks and much thanks.
In a rage – Plenty of anything. Endless.
In de bag – It’s as good as won. It’s all over.
In half – To go partners with someone in an undertaking.
In more trouble dan Brong – Than Brown. To be in serious trouble.
In smart – Any surreptitious or clandestine act. To do one thing while trying to accomplish another. To deceive.


Jeez-an-ages – Used for any reason where an outburst is appropriate
Jook – To stab at anything
Jumbie – Spirit, ghost
Jus’now – In a little while
Jus’so? – Just like that
Jus’so – Out of the blue, totally unexpected
Jack Spaniard or Jep – specie of wasp that usually builds its nest in and around the home near the ceiling. Becomes quite aggressive if
disturbed. Inflicts a painful sting from the tip of its tail into the flesh of its victim.
Jep Nes’ – To raise a jep nest. To stir up a lot more trouble than you anticipated.
Jagabat – A woman of questionable morals. Woman who frequents place of ill repute.
Jam – Short for Jam Session. A big noisy party.
Jamet or Jamette – Like a jagabat, but applies to both male and female.
Jammin’ Heavy – Heavy workload with no time to rest. To be under fire.
Jerry – To be given a jerry. To be sold inferior merchandise, to be hoodwinked.
Jhanjat – East Indian for troublemaker.
Jim Boots – Boot-like sneakers, popular in the 50’s.
Jingay – A hex or spell.
Jing Pang – A small dent or cut, of importance only on brand-new or recently refurbished items


Ketch – Catch
Klim – Any brand of powdered milk
Keeper’ – Having a woman on the side other than your wife
Ketchin’ – Present continuous of ketch
Kiant – Canted or leaning. To kiant over: to turn upside down.
Kicksin’ – Fooling around, having fun.
Kilketay – Lop sided or odd shaped. Leaning unnaturally. Bent or twisted out of shape.
Kill Pries’ – A person who works unusually harder than those around him, or who has more than his share of bad luck, is said to have ‘killed priest’, thereby bringing upon himself punishment for such a dastardly act.
Kiskadee – Large, bright, yellow-chested bird with ‘Qu’est -Ce Qu’il Dit?’ call. Also known as the Derby Flycatcher, and while primarily insectivorous, will splash into water after small fish.
Knock About – To be constantly on the move, looking for different ways to pass the time of day. To be always going somewhere.


Lef dat – Leave dat
Leh – Let, let’s
Leh go – Let go
Leh we – Let us
Lick dong – To accidentally hit someone or something
Licks – A beating, physical punishment
Like t’ing – To be somewhat mischievous
Lil’bit – In small meaningless portions
Lime – When a small group of people engage in a sometimes pre-arranged activity
Long eye – A person who is envious of the possessions of others
Look nuh! – An expression of annoyance
Larveau – Patois. Pronounced lav-way. Oldtime calypso or song most of which were written in the minor keys.
Las’ nail in de coffin – The last straw. The final act that causes a relationship to end.
Latro – High woods, forest, think, dark, almost impenetrable.
Lay Lay – To nag. Also to waste or fritter away time in meaningless activity.
Lazy man wuk – Work. To do things in a slip-shod manner. To take short cuts on a job, thereby making it unsafe or look unfinished.
Lef to me – If it was left to me.
Len’ Han’ – An arrangement of mutual help.
Lengt’ ah mih tongue – Unrestrained verbal abuse. A proper cussin’.
Lickrish – Greedy for food. Insatiable appetite. To eat just for the sake of eating.
Locho – Low man without ambition


Maco – A person who minds other people’s business for the purpose of gossip. To spy on
Macocious – A person having the trait of a maco
Maga – Very thin, skinny
Maljoe – Evil eye
Mamaguy – To make fun of, to ridicule
Mama Yo! – Expression denoting shock and surprise
Maroon – A feast for people helping on a Job, like cutting cane or moving a house
Matter Fix – Everything is well organized
Mih han’ slip – An expression used when too much of an ingredient is used
Mooma – Mother
Mout’er – A boaster
Much up – To pamper, to butter up
Muddah – Mother


Nah – No
Nastiness – An expression of disgust applied to a good-for-nothing person
Never see come see – Someone who has recently been exposed to something new and who overdoes it to ridiculous proportions
Ning ning – Tired eyes
Now fuh now – Instantly
Nowherian – A person who does not have any fixed place of abode


Obzokee – Awkward in appearance, anything bent or twisted out of shape
Oh geed! – An expression used when an offensive smell arises
OH gosh! – An expressions denoting shock, surprise, indignation and admiration
Oh gorm man! – An expressions denoting shock, surprise, indignation and admiration
Oh shimps man! – An expressions denoting shock, surprise, indignation and admiration
Ol’ talk – Idle chatter, social chit-chat
One set ah – A lot of anything
Own-way – Stubborn person


Pappyshow -Not being serious. Joking around. Eg. boy yuh is ah pappyshow.
Pallet – Frozen lolly
Papa yo! – Exclamation of surprise
Pesh – Money
Pissin’ tail – A person of no class or importance
Planasse – To hit someone continuously with the flat part of a cutlass
Playin’ social – Someone who pretends to be of a higher social strata than they are
Pong – Pound
Po-po – Very small child, baby
Poopa – Father
Prim-prim – Disgustingly proper and formal
Pussin – Kitten


Quenk – An irritating person
Qualey – Withered, dried up


Raff – To grab suddenly
Ragadang – Broken down
Ram-cram – Packed to capacity
Raskil – A rascal
Renk -Foul Smell
Rumfle – Ruffled and wrinkled


Saraca -Sacrifice
Saga boy/girl – Flashy dresser
Shades – Sunglasses
Shif’ yuh carcass – Move over, get going
Shub – Shove, move or cast aside
Skinnin’ yuh teet’ – Grinning
Skin up yuh nose – To turn up one’s at anything
Small Ting – it’s not a big deal
Sometimeish – Moody
Strims – Shrimps
Sweetdrink – A carbonated drink, soda
Sweetie – Any confectionary
Swell up yuh face – To look angry, to pout


Taebay – Someone who always like to start Confusion
Tabanca – The forlorn feeling one gets when a love affair is over
Tanty – Aunt
Tight – Intoxicated, drunk, stoned
T’ing – Thing
To besides – Besides which
Too-tool-bay – A confused state, in a daze, also head over heels in love
Tot tots – Female breasts


Umpteen – Plenty of anything


Vampin’ – An offensive smell
Vaps – To suddenly behave excitedly or in strange manner
Vex -Angry.


Wah is De Scene – What’s Up/How are you Doing?
Wajang – A roudy, uncouth person
Warap – A very weak mixture
Well yes! – An expression of disbelief
Whappen? – What’s the matter with you?
Wha-happenin’ dey? – What’s happening
Whey – Where
Whey yuh say? – What did you say
Wotless – Might be used to describe a slightly naughty story
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Yampee – Mucus, found in the corner of the eye
You an’ all – You too?
You so – People like you
Yuh faddah head – An expression of annoyance
Yuh faddah is a glassmaker? – You are blocking my view
Yuh hand have butter – When someone drops something being held
Yuh look fuh dat – It’s your own fault
Yuh makin’ joke! – You can’t be serious
Yuh Done Know – expression used when someone says something known to all.
Yuh Sticking – to stay in one place for long period of time


Zaboca -Avacado Pear
Zandolie – Lizard
Zug-up – A rough and uneven cutting of anything

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