Grenada West Indies in the Caribbean

Grenada West Indies

You may expect the same beautiful climate and geographical makeup as your Caribbean neighbors, Barbados, St Lucia, and St Vincent. This small and well formed autonomous nation, firmly entrenched within the West Indies within an archipelago known as the Windward islands, has had several names over the years.

Traveling Grenada 

Time Zone: Atlantic Standard Time

Passport Required: Yes

Languages Spoken: Variations of Creole and English

Power: Plug Type G (220v a converter will be needed for 110v Devices)

Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar, but the U.S. Dollar is widely accepted. $1us = $2.68ec

Transportation: Public buses/mini vans are a great way to get around the island, but you can also rent a car that best suits you and/or your party.

Caribbean map - Grenada W

During their many travels from Europe to the ‘New World,’ Christopher Columbus, Amerigo Vespucci, and Alonso de Ojeda all seen this island. Columbus gave it the name Concepcion. Vespucci requested that his map maker name it Mayo. The island was eventually seized and colonized by the French. They chose it because of its magnificent natural harbor, which they dubbed Port Royal. This harbor is today known as St George, and it draws sailors and magnificent ships from all over the world.

The island was given the name Le Grenada by the French, and when the island was given to the English as part of a treaty, they anglicized the name, giving birth to modern-day Grenada. Despite the fact that the island is now an independent country – one of the world’s tiniest — it is still a member of the Commonwealth Group of Nations, which includes Canada, Australia, Jamaica, Barbados, and others.

The consequence of this British relationship is that English is the official language, with the natives speaking a fascinating Grenada Creole. Driving is on the left, while town names like St George, Victoria, and Hillsborough harken back to an English heritage. St David, St Andrew, St Mark, St George, St Patrick, and St John are the six parishes on the island, which are named after its sister Commonwealth nation, Barbados.

Geography of Grenada

If you go back far enough in time – roughly 2 million years – you’ll find that the island that is now Grenada was created by an underwater volcano. The fertile and beautiful island, as well as its smaller neighboring islands, are the result of this volcanic activity. This is precisely how Hawaii came to be. Although there is no volcanic activity now, the legacy of all of these geological events has resulted in a verdant and rich island that has become known for its spice production. Spices like nutmeg, mace, cloves, and other aromatics are grown and harvested all over the island. Grenada is renowned as The Isle of Spice in the Caribbean because it is one of the major exporters of highly sought-after spices, second only to Indonesia.

Natural waterfalls, pools of clean water, and lush mountains have been created by the highest mountain in St Catherine and its surrounding peaks, which are home to Mona monkeys, opossums, armadillos, iguanas, and mongooses. Hummingbirds, the Grenada dove, masked ducks, grebes, plovers, and cuckoos are just a few of the 177 bird species you can see. With bougainvillea as the national flower, the vibrant plant can be found all across the island, not just draped elegantly over the doorways of lovely Grenada vacation rentals, but also making every hike and walk a photographer’s dream.

Belmont Estate

Interesting things to do in Grenada

Tour Grenada Belmont Estate

Belmont Estate is always at the top of any list of places to see on Grenada. This estate has a lengthy history, beginning as a coffee and cotton plantation and continuing into the era of sugarcane production. It is still in operation today, producing cocoa, nutmeg, and bananas. You will be able to participate in some of the activities, such as cocoa production, and, more importantly, you will be able to sample some delectable delicacies at the café that reflect the spice and flavor of this ancient site. If you’re traveling with small children, the petting zoo at Belmont Estate is a hit.

Grand Etang Lake & National Park

When it comes to Grenada vacations, Grand Etang National Park is the place to go. As we journey through the mountains, we’ll draw closer to the tropical innards of the island. You’ll be able to learn about some of the park’s stunning vegetation and friendly creatures. You’ll be led through lush jungle to the world-famous Grand Etang crater lake, which is 1,800 feet (550 meters) above sea level and one of the island’s two crater lakes. You’ll enjoy a wonderful view of Mount Qua Qua and the calm of the water’s edge from this vantage point.

At Annandale Falls, you can relax and enjoy the tranquility of water falling over the rocks, or simply take in the sights and sounds of the falls. You can also spend time in the adjacent gardens, which are home to tropical flora and plants.

Grand Anse Beach in St. Georges, Grenada

Grand Anse Beach

Grand Anse, Grenada’s most famous beach, is surrounded by sea grapes, almond trees, and coconut palms. This three-kilometer ribbon of golden sand and calm surf attract cruise ship passengers. The water is clear turquoise in the shallows and deep cobalt blue in the deeps, and the tranquil waters are ideal for swimming. The dunes are patrolled by hawkers, but a polite “No, thank you” will keep them at bay. If you feel like doing some shopping, the Grande Anse Craft and Spice Market, located midway along the beach, is a favorite stop for cruise ship passengers.

St. George's, Grenada

St. George’s is one of the most beautiful port cities in the Caribbean, curving along a horseshoe-shaped bay surrounded by volcanic hills. The busy harbor, known as the Carenage, is popular with boats that dock in Grenada’s colorful capital. The streets are lined with brick and stone houses with red-tiled roofs, where residents sell spices and crafts. Fort George, built by the French in the early 18th century, and Fort Frederick are two of the city’s most important historical sites. Both offer beautiful views over the town and sea.

Do you want to learn more about Grenada’s history? Pay a visit to the Grenada National Museum. The museum, which is housed between a former prison and a 1704 French barracks, showcases a mishmash of historical relics, including Carib and Arawak artifacts as well as exhibits on the sugar and whaling industries. Visit the House of Chocolate, which is one of the top things to do in St. George. You may view displays on the local chocolate business and savor sumptuous sweet delights while you’re there. This is a must-try for chocolate lovers! 

Visit the famed Saturday morning market at St. George’s Market Square to soak up some local color and buy fresh tropical fruits and spices.

Accommodation: Where to Stay in St. George’s

Snorkeling and Diving in Grenada

Diving in Grenada

With over 50 rated dive sites, Grenada is the location to explore the wonders beneath the sea whether you are a passionate diver or wish to learn some expertise in this area. Because it is a small island with several smaller islands off the coast, there are limitless reef systems and marine life to be discovered if you join one of the island’s reputed diving operations. Even if you don’t want to get your feet wet, you may come along for the voyage and see some of Grenada’s small, beautiful islets, beaches, and coves.

Underwater Sculpture Park

The Underwater Sculpture Park is a unique submerged gallery that also functions as an artificial reef in a marine protected area on Grenada’s west coast, a short drive north of St. George’s in Moliniere Bay. The sculptures, which were created by artist Jason deCaires Taylor, range from Amerindian petroglyphs to life-size figures cast of local kids. This underwater display is accessible to divers, snorkelers, and glass-bottom boat passengers, yet seeing the sculptures up and personal is the best way to appreciate their craftsmanship.

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Grenada's Culture

All of this is topped off with the warmth and excitement of the locals. The music, food, and culture set the tone for an unforgettable holiday. You arrive on this island that feels a million miles apart from the rush and bustle you’ve left behind in just 3.5 hours from Miami. It may appear to be a well-kept secret, but this laid-back and hospitable island is quickly becoming the go-to spot for anyone looking for a Caribbean getaway without the crowds.

Grenada is a small island, measuring only 21 miles long and 12 miles wide. It has a population of over 100,000 people who live not just on the main island but also on some of the most beautiful little islands off the coast. It’s one of those exquisite islands that inspires exploration, with its gorgeous coastline studded with inlets, bays, and beaches. You may find it difficult to drag yourself away from your superbly appointed patio if you stay at one of the stunning Exceptional Villa Grenada rentals, but I strongly advise you to do so. On this island, there is a lot of natural beauty to witness. There’s a lot of history and pleasure to be with a fantastic driver/tour guide that our concierge service can arrange for you.

You’ll be enveloped with the spicy warmth of this wondrous nation as you eat some scrumptious Oil Down, a delightful thick one-pot stew complemented by a Rum Punch with a touch of nutmeg. It is said that good things come in tiny packages, and when you relax at Mt. Parnassus Inn, taking in the sunset over the Caribbean’s vast blue waters, you will wholeheartedly agree. You’ve arrived in your own little heaven!

Grenada's Vacation Rental Home

Mt. Parnassus Inn Apt in Grenada West Indies

There are a number of hotels and Airbnb’s around St. Georges, ranging from budget to more expensive hotels in the city. If you go for budget, consider Mt. Parnassus Inn, which is conveniently located close to the market, harbor, and bus station. The Mt. Parnassus Inn vacation rental is only a 15 minutes drive to the Grenada National Museum in the town of St. George’s. The Mt. Parnassus Inn features two bedrooms, one bathroom, a full kitchen, a breakfast bar, free Wi-Fi, and a Smart TV. Ceiling fans and screened windows can be found throughout the house. Towels, bedding, and cooking utensils are provided, as well as a BBQ grill and a washing machine. The open-plan living room is connected to a breakfast balcony and sundeck via French doors. In this tropical refuge, interact with nature, enjoy garden vistas, and cool elevation as if you were a local. Guests have their own entrance and private parking on the grounds of Mt. Parnassus Inn. Book the Mt. Parnassus Inn In Grenada West Indies on Airbnb

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