How-to Ask Your Airbnb Host for a Discount

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Tips on Asking Your Airbnb Host for a Discount

So your ready to travel far from home, and ready for a Grenada vacation and a change of scenery. Great—but think twice before booking your lodgings. You might be able to save some money that you can use toward your travel budget. The secret is to ask your Airbnb host for a discount.

If you’re intending on staying for more than a few days, We recommends asking if the host offers a discount for stays of a week or more. Many hosts have this integrated into their listings’ calendars, so play around with the arrival and departure dates to see how rates change. If you don’t see an extended-stay discount listed, you can contact the host before making a reservation to see if one is available. Hint, hint, Mt. Parnassus Inn offers such discount via Airbnb (

Alternatively, if you’re considering a listing with few reviews—perhaps the host is new—the host may be prepared to charge a lower cost now in order to drive more traffic later.

Ask Your Airbnb Host for a Discount

It certainly helps if you’ve already established your worth as an Airbnb guest. Expect no incentives if you have a mixed bag of positive and negative ratings or a small reservation history. However, if you have a good track record as a guest and travel frequently, your profile, along with a very nicely phrased request (hint hint), may grab the host’s attention.

Don’t send a message to a group of hosts with the intention of booking with the lowest bidder. Only message a host with whom you are serious about booking your stay. While some hosts will gladly accept a reduced-rate booking to make up for lost revenue during the shutdown, others may have already slashed their rates as low as they can.

Remember to be courteous, and don’t get irritated if the host refuses to lower their fees. Shoot your shot, but understand that it won’t always work. When it comes to most purchases, if you don’t ask, you won’t save any money.

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