Rent a Sony Playstation, Xbox One s video game console. At Mt. Parnassus Inn Vacation Rentals in Grenada WI!

The Mt. Parnassus Inn participates in the GamerZone Video Game Console Rental Program, which allows you to rent their systems! Our goal is to help you improve your game by assisting you in creating a comfortable and relaxing gaming environment while away from home.

Each console package comes with either an Xbox® or a PlayStation® system, as well as some of the most popular games.


Our Game Lineup

We offer a premium gaming experience by preloading an excellent game lineup on the console for your enjoyment. Our game lineup is updated on a regular basis to ensure that you and your family can enjoy gaming on our kit all year long! Our current lineup is listed here.

You can play any of your own game discs on the console in addition to our game lineup, depending on the console capacity available. Surprisingly, the system may come with a few extra titles preloaded.

Rental Cost

The daily rental pricing is quite reasonable! Special weekend and holiday pricing may be available depending on the area. Inquire with your host about the daily rental rate and how it feels.

Questions and Contact Information

Please email if you have any queries about the GamerZone video game console rental program.

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