Vacationing in Grenada

Grenada is one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands, bringing the splendor of the Caribbean to you. From the people to the spices to the geography that shapes the island, it has its own personality. Grenada offers you the best of both worlds: lush tropical forests and the Caribbean’s turquoise waters. To begin with, it features a lot of beautiful, soft-sand beaches. It’s also wonderfully gorgeous, with a mountainous and verdant interior, and one of the region’s most attractive capitals in hilly St George’s. 

The island provides slow-paced days of exploration, with waterfalls, the rainforest, and rum factories among the possibilities. Visitors are encouraged to come and discover the sugar sand beaches, botanical gardens, historical attractions, and museums. Local artisan markets and exciting nature excursions compete for attention with the charm of fresh, regional cuisine. 

Grenada is famed for being one of the Caribbean’s spice islands, and excursions of local nutmeg, mace, and cocoa estates are a great way to get away from those annoying surface intervals. Scuba diving and snorkeling are also well-liked activities. Grenada invites you to the island where you will create wonderful experiences, with brilliant colors, tropical temperatures, and a grin on everyone’s face.

Grenada Travel Tips

Time Zone: Atlantic Standard Time

Passport Required: Yes

Languages Spoken: Variations of Creole and English

Power: Plug Type G (220v a converter will be needed)

Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar, but the U.S. Dollar is widely accepted. $1us = $2.68xcd

Transportation: Public buses are a great way to get around, but you can also rent a car that best suits you and/or your party.

How to get to Grenada

Grenada is quite accessible. Major international locations such as Miami, New York, Atlanta, Toronto, London, Frankfurt, and the Caribbean all have flights to Grenada. Maurice Bishop International Airport which is located near the capital of St. George’s. By taking advantage of frequent charter flights or the inter-island ferry, visitors can combine their vacation on Grenada with a visit to Carriacou.

Grenada WI

Things to Do in Grenada: Attractions & Activities

There are so many options to choose from that you can’t possibly fit it all into one visit. If time is limited, here are 5 water-based activities you should definitely experience while you’re on the island.

Visit Home Hospitality Grenada

Learn To Cook Traditional Grenadian Food

We highly recommend Home Hospitality Grenada In Mt. Parnassus, only a one-minute walk from the Mt. Parnassus Inn vacation rental. Home Hospitality Grenada is an Agro-Tourism company that facilitates authentic Grenadian culinary experiences. They offer farm-to-table tours, cooking classes, authentic culinary experiences, and catering services, all inspired by seasonal produce and Grenada’s generational traditions. At Home Hospitality – you not only smell and taste the Grenadian flavors – but you can take the flavors with you! Learn to cook local delicacies like Oil Down, Roti, and other seasonal favorites with Chef Kennedy. All services offered by RESERVATION ONLY.

Home Hospitality Grenada Radix Junction, Mt. Parnassus Road, St George's
Grand Anse Beach in St. Georges, Grenada

Grand Anse Beach in Grenada

Grenada boasts a disproportionately large number of beaches for such a small island—45 gorgeous, clean beaches to relax on. None, however, can compare to Grand Anse Beach, a two-mile stretch of sand located just outside of Saint George, the country’s capital. Grand Anse Beach is one of the island’s most popular beaches, with kayaking, parasailing, water skiing, and other activities available. Kayaks often appear to be floating in the air just above the water because the water is so transparent.

Seven Sisters Falls in Grenada

The Seven Sisters Falls are one of the most magnificent sights in the Grenadian Rainforest. It consists of seven waterfalls that empty into little swimming pools of clean, refreshing water. Pack some water and snacks, as well as hiking shoes or footwear that you don’t mind getting muddy—getting to the falls requires a bit of a climb! Most people take about 50 minutes to complete the hike through the rainforest.

Seven Sisters Falls in Grenada
Snorkeling and Diving in Grenada

Snorkeling and Diving in Grenada

Grenada’s sparkling blue seas make it an ideal location for diving and exploring the wonderful undersea world. Divers and snorkelers of all levels can enjoy the abundance of sea life, which includes tropical fish, turtles, corals, and, if they’re lucky, a whale, at one of the over 30 specialized sites. At various depths beneath the ocean’s surface, eerie shipwrecks such as the Bianca C and Rum Runner, as well as an underwater volcano fondly known as ‘Kick ’em Jenny’ and an art studio – a definite must when diving in Grenada – may be found.

Visit a spice plantation in Grenada

A visit to a spice plantation is one of the things you must do in Grenada. The region is renowned as the Spice Isle, and the country’s lush hilly landscape is ideal for growing nutmeg, mace, and cocoa. As a result, it was a financially successful colony during the colonial period. A trip to the fragrant and scenic spice farms is not only a delight for the senses, but it also provides a fascinating glimpse into Grenada’s history. To discover more about Grenada’s spice industry, we recommend paying a visit to the historic Dougaldston Spice Estate on the island’s northwestern coast.

Fort George Grenada

Visit Grenada's Colonial Forts

Grenada needed to be effectively fortified from attackers since it was an important colony in the 18th century for its spice trade. These forts were used by the French and British colonies to defend themselves against other European powers and to keep pirates away from Grenada’s coastline. Visitors can get a sense of how important Grenada was for trade by visiting the three main forts: Fort George, Fort Frederick, and Fort Matthew. While visiting these forts is a terrific opportunity to learn about the island’s history, they also provide some spectacular views because they are typically located near the coast.

Try some Grenadian cuisine.

Many dishes from Africa, Europe, and India are shared by Grenada and other Caribbean countries. Oil-down (a type of breadfruit stew with meat and vegetables) and callaloo soup (a great spinach-like vegetable) are savory possibilities, while nutmeg ice cream and sweet potato pudding are sweet.

Andy’s Soup House, Green Roof Inn, and BB’s Crabback are some recommended spots to eat Grenadian food, however there are many other restaurants to select from throughout the island. Grenadian cuisine is flavorful and filling, especially when paired with a rum cocktail

Grenadian cuisine
Grenada Hash House Harriers

Grenada’s Hash House Harriers

One of the best ways to meet people from various walks of life in Grenada is to join the Hash House Harriers. Grenadians, ex-pats, students, cruisers, and visitors all participate in this weekly excursion into Grenada’s neighborhoods. The motto is “Drinkers with a Running Problem,” and after the 1-2 hour course is completed, the partying truly begins! With the Hash House Harriers, you’ll get a different perspective on Grenada. There is a trail for walkers and a trail for runners, so don’t worry about your fitness level. If you’re relatively fit, you’ll be fine. Our crew enjoys going, so if you’d want to join us, please ask.

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