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Mt Parnassus Inn vs. a Hotel

The Benefits

Grenada’s short-term tourist lodgings are becoming much more than just a place to sleep and shower. The Mt. Parnassus Inn and River Inn are swiftly establishing themselves as the next big thing in local island tourism. The hotels and resorts in Grand Anse are more expensive. What used to be a cost-cutting measure for long vacations on the island has evolved into a stunning experience in and of itself! Thousands of people are looking for these private lodgings for weekend getaways, midweek stays, and even week-long holidays. Compared to hotels, Mt. Parnassus Inn provides a long list of benefits. As a result, they are extremely popular for family vacations.

The Advantages of Mt. Parnassus Inn Lodgings

  1. Increase the amount of time you spend with your friends and family.

Unlike a hotel stay, where most of the time is spent in one’s own private room, a vacation rental property allows you to spend time with your complete group of friends and family. In the shared rooms, such as a spacious living room and a private outside deck, everyone can participate in activities together. You are free to cook in the fully equipped kitchen, watch Netflix movies in the living room, play card games at the dining room table, and spend time outside in your own private yard, enjoying Grenada’s tropical weather.

  1. You’ll have more personal space than in a single hotel room.

It’s so much more fun to have an entire house to yourself, complete with a living room, kitchen, front yard, and other common areas. It’s more fun than cramming everyone and their bags into a single Grand Anse hotel room. The extra space is especially beneficial when traveling with little children. You can spend the entire day exploring Grenada’s Balthazar River, visiting the Spice Plantation for a tour, or hiking with the Grenada Hash House Harriers. However, you will still be able to spend many happy hours with your children in your rented home.

  1. Take advantage of the kind of privacy that a hotel cannot provide.

It’s just like being at home when you unwind in the solitude of an Mt. Parnassus Inn vacation property. Even while you’re on the road, a vacation house allows you to feel like you’re at home. This is the epitome of a home away from home, complete with all of the luxuries you need.

  1. Indulge yourself with the numerous choices, options, and rentals available.

Vacation home and condo rentals offer a greater variety of locations, property kinds, sizes, and prices than hotels. A thorough search on a reputable vacation rental website, such as, should be able to locate the exact rental unit that meets your group’s needs.

  1. Get a Better Value For Your Money

This is especially true if you’re traveling to Grenada with a large party. Splitting costs among the group members guarantee that you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to lodging. When you save money on housing, you have more money to spend on exciting activities! And we all know Grenada has some exciting things to do, such as “Spicemas,” the Grenada Carnival, Club Fantazia, and Bananas Nightclub! Furthermore, if you are staying in a rental, you can save money on meals by preparing a few breakfasts and snacks yourself. There are also laundry facilities available.

  1. Enjoy The Feeling Of Being At Home In A Grenada Home

Even when you’re on vacation, it’s nice to have the entire house to yourself. In contrast to shared areas in hotels and resorts, you can enjoy indoor and outdoor activities with your family and friends in the privacy and comfort of your own home. There will be no long walks back to your hotel room. To go up and down, there are no elevators to wait for. There will be no crowds to slow you down.

  1. Recognize how much easier traveling is when you stay in a vacation rental home.

You may pack lighter and bring less because you have the choice to do your own laundry (or not do your laundry!). If you are bored of eating out every day on the island, which can get expensive, the option of making your own meals gives you flexibility and savings. This implies that booking a vacation rental for your stay in St. Georges, Grenada makes traveling more comfortable for you and your family. However, please plan some fantastic dinners at BB’s Crabback or Sails Restaurant & Bar.

  1. Ensure that your children have a more enjoyable vacation by renting a vacation home.

You may easily give the kids their own room when you rent a holiday house, allowing you to keep an eye on them without jeopardizing your own privacy. Many vacation houses also provide amenities and space for children’s entertainment, such as an Xbox One and a Plex media center with kids’ shows, making it a delightful stay for youngsters.

  1. Appreciate the little extras that a vacation home provides.

Each vacation rental home has its own set of delights in store for you and your visitors. Great nautical artifacts may be displayed on the walls of one rental. Another may have some A/V media equipment that would make it worthwhile to spend a day viewing movies or playing video games indoors. You might even be able to play Twister with all the space a home provides! That’s not something you can do in a hotel room!

  1. Home Stays Are More Memorable Than Hotel Stays

A vacation rental home’s originality and uniqueness make it unforgettable. A wonderful joke delivered in the comfort of your vacation rental kitchen will be remembered far more than something spoken in a busy hotel room. The uniformity of hotels may leave little or no imprint on your mind. A vacation rental home, on the other hand, would undoubtedly leave an indelible impact on your Spice Island holiday due to its uniqueness.

  1. It’s So Much Easier To Immerse Oneself In The Local Culture In A Vacation Home

Hotels are by their very nature touristic in terms of atmosphere, service, and, most importantly, location. They are frequently smacked in the middle of the action, so you don’t have time to look around. Vacation rental homes, on the other hand, provide a more intimate experience of the island culture. They’re on the outskirts of town or on the outskirts of town. You have the opportunity to view more of the island. They aren’t always in the most touristic parts of town, so you can get a more true feel for the places you visit.

Take a chance with an Mt. Parnassus Inn vacation rental house stay if you’ve never tried it before but have always been fascinated. The experiences it can provide for you and your family or party will astound you. Try one of the following websites for a comprehensive list of holiday rental homes. Visit or to find the perfect spice island rental home for you! Of course, if you’re only traveling with two or four people, a hotel room is still a viable alternative.

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