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Why book directly with us? We do not charge booking fees!

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Airbnb / VRBO Booking Fee Recently Went Up from 4 – 9% to 6 – 12%

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Why pay $30 – $75 booking fees to global vacation rental websites, when you can find the same rental homes on our site with ZERO booking fees?

AirBnB ® charges travelers a 6-12% guest fee for all bookings +  hosts pay 3% of the total

$ 481
Rental Rate/Wk*
$ 0
+ 6.16% Guest Fee% Booking Fee
$ 0

VRBO ® adds a 4-9% 6-15% traveler service fee for all online bookings + charges homeowners 5% Vrbo manager fee and a 3% Vrbo payment processing fee

$ 481
Rental Rate/Wk*
$ 0
+ 14.5% Booking Fee
$ 0

The holiday rental market is continually evolving. In St. Georges, Grenada West Indies, the Mt. Parnassus Inn is celebrating three years of being locally owned and operated. We are a local team dedicated to make your Spice Isle trip the finest experience for you and your family, from our holiday planning specialists to our property management pros. We have the local knowledge you need to not only organize your vacation accommodations, but also any other plans you could have during your visit. We are always available via phone or email, and we can even come out to your vacation home if you require assistance.

Why book directly with us?

When you book directly with us, you avoid the additional fees paid by directory sites and online travel agents. These are excellent resources for assisting you in making the best decision, but keep in mind that all of the information comes from us at the Mt. Parnassus Inn! If you have any queries about reservations or lodgings, or if you’d like more information about the island’s various attractions, we’re the best place to go.

Looking for a low-cost holiday rental home in St. Georges? Keep in mind that you will not be charged any additional service costs if you visit Grenada and book directly with us. As part of the reservation process, several sites, such as VRBO, HomeAway, Airbnb, and, charge the guest a portion of their reservation. These fees can range from 4% to 15% or more, so read all of the pricing details before you go shopping.

When you book directly with us, you can expect a pleasant experience from the moment you make your reservation until the end of your time in Grenada. We’ve been in operation since 2019 as a professionally managed vacation rental company. To ensure a better level of quality, our reservation professionals and property management experts collaborate. We live here, therefore we know everything there is to see and do in Grenada.

The most essential thing to keep in mind is that when you book directly with us, we can guarantee you the Best Price Guaranteed. Allow us to demonstrate this to you during your next Saint Georges, Grenada vacation! The Mt. Parnassus Inn is the perfect place to spend your vacation!

Book directly with us online at or by calling 1-473-416-1543 

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* An average $525 weekly rental rate ($75/night for 7 nights). VRBO/HA fee cap is reported as $499, FK fee cap reported as $750 for properties rented out for around $5,000/Wk.

** Subtotal does not include refundable security deposit, cleaning fee, optional trip protection fee, and other fees. Indicated fee values are based on actual booking request tests. The information provided above is based on research conducted on 09/09/2021. While Mt. Parnassus Inn Rentals does not charge booking fees, some property managers who list their rentals with might collect processing fees.

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