Make the Most of Your Vacation Rental Kitchen

Vacation Rental Grocery Shopping

In recent years, vacation rentals have become increasingly popular among many travelers, with firms like VRBO and Airbnb flourishing. Many families have long recognized how a holiday rental provides them with significantly more space and convenience. When traveling with young children, having conveniences such as a washer and dryer or a full kitchen is very beneficial. And, in 2020, more than ever before, tourists of all types are contemplating vacation rentals to give themselves extra space and avoid crowds.

Inquire with the holiday rental owner about what is currently provided.
Many vacation rentals, particularly those handled by professional businesses, come with starter kits containing a variety of grocery and toiletry items. Toilet paper, paper towels, dishwashing soap, a sponge, and other necessities may already be in your apartment. We’ve even discovered a few vacation rentals that include cooking spray, salt and pepper, olive oil, and other essentials. So, before making a large shopping list and buying goods you don’t need, ask.

Make sure to inquire about the rental’s cooking options, such as if the range is gas or electric. Is there a grill in the unit or in the common areas? Is it propane or charcoal that you’re using? These choices may influence the types of foods and cooking supplies you’ll need to bring or buy.

Before you go, do some research on neighborhood supermarkets.
It’s also a good idea to look into the supermarket selections near your vacation rental before you leave. Is there a large supermarket nearby, or are you limited to a smaller, more expensive convenience store? Knowing what stores are nearby and how likely they are to have the things you require (and at what price!) will assist you in determining how to prepare.

Before you travel, make a shopping list.
Making a shopping list before your vacation is a good idea! If you go into a store without planning ahead of time, you’ll almost certainly find yourself making repeated excursions back for items you forgot. Who wants to spend their holiday time commuting to and from the store?

Overbuying is preferable to underbuying.
It might be difficult to predict how much food your family will consume over the course of a vacation. Hopefully, sticking to a meal plan can assist in some way. On the other hand, we’ve noticed that everyone eats a little more when they’re on vacation! As a result, you should always buy a little more than you think you’ll need, especially when it comes to special vacation snacks and delights like potato chips, which you may consume in greater quantities than at home. Also, we’ve discovered that while you’re on vacation, you go through a lot of different kinds of drinks.

So don’t be afraid to buy a bit too much. It’s preferable to have a little extra at the conclusion of the vacation rather than having to make a last-minute grocery run on the last day to ensure that everyone has enough to eat. If you buy too much, you may always take some home with you or leave unused items with a note for the cleaning crew indicating that they are free to take whatever they wish.

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