Why Should You Visit Grenada West Indies?

Vacation in the Caribbean Grenada West Indies

You won’t remember your trip to Grenada for the price of the airfare or the quality of the hotel. St. George’s port (perhaps the most beautiful in the Caribbean) is known for its kaleidoscope of reds, yellows, and greens, which are mirrored in the cerulean water. Long after the sun sets, the sound of the waves lapping against Grand Anse’s smooth dunes reverberates in your ears. The scent of nutmeg and vanilla pervades Market Square and the spice plantations throughout the islands. It’s the warm sensation you get in your gut and on your tongue after tasting the 150-proof rum from River Antoine Distillery. Grenada WI is meant to be savored as much as it is to be viewed.

Grenada (pronounced gre-NAY-da) has long been neglected by Americans, who prefer showier, resort-laden islands. But, as the Brits who have spent many winters here can attest, Grenada is well worth a visit. Sure, this portion of the Windward Islands lacks the enormous all-inclusive resorts and glittering nightclubs of St. Lucia or Barbados; in fact, you could have a hard time finding another American here. But it is part of Grenada’s allure.

St. George's

St. George's, Grenada

Many visitors describe traveling through the small alleyways of St. George’s as being similar to walking through an oil painting. The beautifully painted houses have a colonial feel. Grenada’s capital city, which is located on the island’s southwestern shore, has acquired the unofficial title of the Caribbean’s most beautiful harbor town.

Spend an hour or two visiting St. George’s marina (also known as the Carenage), where you’ll find a variety of restaurants serving up local fare with a side of breathtaking views. But there’s a lot more to this city than its picture-perfect exterior. St. George’s is an excellent site to get a quick taste of Grenadian culture. At Fort Frederick and Fort George, learn about the islands’ colonial history, and at Market Square, learn about native spices.

Grenada's Market Square

Grenada's Market Square

When it comes to souvenir purchasing, a trip to Market Square is unbeatable. Market Square, in the heart of St. George’s, invites travelers and locals alike in search of handcrafted items, fresh fruit, and, of course, spices. The spice market has been dubbed the “greatest smelling market I have ever gone to!” by one Mt. Parnassus Inn Guest. Recent Guests to our vacation rental, on the other hand, have warned that the sellers can be somewhat forceful.

Market Square is located at the bottom of Young Street. Weekends, especially Saturdays, are the greatest times to visit because the market is busier than usual.

Grenada's Grand Anse Beach

Grand Anse Beach - The best beaches in Grenada

The beach at Grand Anse has been dubbed “the granddaddy” of Grenada’s 45 beaches, but that is an understatement. This two-mile length of creamy-white beach overlooks a secluded, azure-colored harbor filled with bright red and yellow fishing boats. This postcard-perfect environment is complemented by a plethora of hotels, restaurants, and shops, making it an ideal home base for sun-seekers.

Recent guests at our vacation guesthouse rave about this beach, however, they caution that pushy sales pitches from local sellers can ruin a calm day in the sun. Simply respond “No, thank you” to avoid any misunderstandings (unless you really want to buy something).

Grand Anse Beach is located six miles south of St. George’s on Grenada Island’s southwest coast. The beach is accessible by automobile, minibus, or water taxi. The beach is open to the public at any time of day or night, and the sands are free.

Spice Plantation Tour

Belmont Estate

At the Belmont Estate, you didn’t get enough of Grenada’s flavors? Then make a reservation with Travelgrenada for a Spice Plantation tour. These four- to five-hour excursions will take you to Gouyave, a charming maritime village where you can visit the local spice industry and nutmeg processing station. The journey then continues into the mountains to the Belvedere Plantation, where you may try fresh Grenadian bananas. You’ll also have the chance to go hiking in Grand Etang National Park before cooling off in the Concord Falls pool.

Before hitting the road, Travelgrenada will pick you up first from Mt. Parnassus Inn. Tours must be booked ahead of time and cost around $105 USD. Visit Travelgrenada.com for additional information.

Visit The River Antoine Rum Distillery

The River Antoine Rum Distillery

Make your way to the River Antoine Rum Distillery when your mouth tingles for a taste of the local libation. Since 1785, River Antoine has been producing rum bottles, making it the Caribbean’s oldest working water-powered distillery. From sugar cane harvesting to fermentation to bottling, guided tours will take you through the entire rum-making process. You’ll get a free sample after the tour, but be warned: this isn’t your typical liquor.

One of our vacation rental guests on TripAdvisor states, “They brew a rum so potent that it can’t be transported home on an airplane.”

The River Antoine Rum Distillery is located near Lake Antoine on the northeast coast of Grenada Island, about an hour’s drive from St. George’s. Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., tours are available for $5 XCD (about $2 USD).

Grenada West Indies Mt. Parnassus Inn Apartment

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